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Laconic produces functional, simple and comfortable things with a minimalist style. We work only with genuine leather of a premium quality. All products produced under the LACONIC brand are the author's designs and have no analogs in the market.



To maintain high-quality standards, each model undergoes a long test, and each product undergoes a thorough inspection. Here is a brief description of the most popular models and their main characteristics:



Slim Leather Wallet LACONIC SHELL V




Despite its ultra-compact dimensions, the purse contains everything that a modern person needs - paper money, cards, and small items, and unlike many other wallets of the "slim" category, it's not a few coins - and all the little money that you are used to carrying with you.

Please see the explanatory VIDEO, which details the design of the wallet and the ease with which you handle days and plastic cards.



For those who prefer to carry a lot of plastic cards: credit, discount, club, and others - the Mobius model is developed, which successfully combines compactness and spaciousness.

Thanks to the combination of leather and rubber bands, you can store up to 15 plastic cards in your cardholder, while Lakonic Möbius does not lose its shape and remains not only convenient but also aesthetically attractive accessory.



Compact wallet LACONIC SHELL




Keeping all the advantages of its older brother SHELL V (V - means vertical) Laconic Shel more likely horizontal and in its dimensions a few millimeters more compact: width: 9.5 cm; d Length: 8 cm.

In the rest - everything too: simplicity, convenience and functionality. One movement and all the small things you have in sight, another movement and it is retracted into its retreat.

  The RIBBON model is the smallest cardholder in the world, in fact, its dimensions are even smaller than the dimensions of the plastic cards themselves, for the convenience of storage of which it was created. To its advantages can be attributed - the absolute subtlety and plane, which will allow you to use Ribbon and as an independent accessory, and as an addition to your present wallet or money clip.