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A good thing is intuitive


Good design is unobtrusive


Nowadays everyone is striving for simplicity and convenience. We no longer have time to get used to, change our habits for things that are not clear to us at first sight and from the first time when we took them into our hands,

It is these: convenient, intuitive and simple things are produced under the LACONIC brand



Utilitarian objects of our daily life: wallets, bags, belts and other - are similar to tools.

They are neither decorative objects nor works of art. Therefore, their design should be neutral, leaving room for the individuality of the owner.



Minimalism is the necessary sufficiency


Innovation gives rise to uniqueness


The items we produce are intended for everyday use. They must meet certain criteria: functional and aesthetic.

A good design emphasizes the usefulness of things, not paying attention to anything that can distract.



Even with such a familiar material as the skin, after tens of thousands of years of human use, a huge innovation potential remains, it is just necessary to understand its uniqueness.

No modern synthetic materials can match the skin in plasticity, durability and beauty!



The design makes the thing useful


Good design is durable


In a good way. Precision and meticulousness in the design process.

When everything is in its place, the design seems to go into the background: a good design - as little design as possible.

  He avoids being fashionable and, therefore, never seem obsolete. Unlike fashion design, it lasts for many years - even in today's confused society.